Poignant Irrelevance

Sunday, May 20, 2007

i should have ran in the morning today. i didn't end up getting it in. i still had almost 34 miles for the week which is ok i guess. i was excited about getting close to 40 therefore 34 is a little bit of a disappointment but its all good.

i can't think of anything real insightful to say.

we've been packing and things are sort of in disarray around here.

i purchased advanced marathon training by pfitzinger and douglas over the weekend. i need some reading material to get me thinking about which plan i'm going to follow as i prepare for chicago. i read through the intro and the nutritional section which was insightful. in my narrow experience of training, it seems as though all of your past training leading up to the beginning of your marathon schedule is the biggest predictor of how you will finish, not so much your 18-weeks of training.

but i still need to pick a training program to follow. later dudes.


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