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Saturday, May 05, 2007

tc 1-miler

tc 1-miler: 5/3: 6:45. plus a couple miles afterwards
5/5: ~5.6 miles around 8:40 pace; felt dehydrated and weak.

its safe to say this was my first official mile under 7. i ran an average of 9 miles an hour! that seems crazy to me. the race was a pretty cool experience, mostly because it was just 1 mile. i registered for the "mass" wave which was too crowded in a couple sections, most notably, the sharp turns near the beginning. but it was fun anyway.

while waiting for the race to begin i just kept thinking, all i have to do is run for 7 minutes. such a short amount of time. no time to let up when tired, only need to push for 7 minutes.

a buddy of mine ended up running a 5:36 (his college PR is 4:30+). he gave me a lot of ideas on how to run it. i settled on trying to run 1:35's for the first two 400m and then trying to do the best i could to run 1:45's for the last two.

it was tough to be so specific with the splits because of the crowds and the turns in the course at the beginning. my polar was off by 4% on distance so i'm not sure how i ended up on the splits regardless.

at the finish, my throat and chest felt like they were burning. awesome feeling. i wanted to get back in line with my age group and run with them to see if i could better my time. i placed 392 of 1390.

fun times. i think i can do better but it was a good first 1-mile race experience. i bet i could run a 6:30. maybe.

i stayed afterwards to watch the pro's. the winner clocked about a 4:15. they were all stupid-fast. pretty sweet. the last place pro ran a 4:38 and it looked like he had given up. i can't imagine carrying myself that fast. crazy.


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