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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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i ran on "the mall" twice while i was in dc for a total of about 10 miles. considering my schedule, that's not too shabby. running on the mall is undoubtedly one of my favorite running experiences. there is something special about running up to the lincoln memorial, turning around, and seeing the sun rise in the distance beyond the washington monument. its a lot to take in. its awesome.

there were a lot of runners out there on tuesday morning. it seems like a strong running community. i suppose they all could have been visitors to dc like me, but that seems unlikely. that's the other great thing about a morning run on the mall; excluding the other runners, you practically have all of the monuments to yourself. the crowds must not come out until mid-morning.

i thought the korean war monument was very well done, i don't remember seeing that one when i was in dc a few years ago ('03? or '04?). for some reason i can't find the photos on my computer that i took when i was in DC back then. bummer.

i was very thankful that i had the opportunity and the ability to run out there. in my opinion, the most rewarding and satisfying experiences that are a direct result of learning how to run and improving one's aerobic ability include (not in this order):
1) meeting race goals
2) experiencing a new city or a new route in a way that only running can make possible

i'll add a third: relieving stress; i'm a mess if i go more than 3 days without a decent run.

i better get to bed now. i didn't sleep great at the hotel (per the usual).


  • hey i can't believe you didn't let me know you were in town! I could have showed you as good a time as i showed laurie.

    By Blogger jeanne, at 2:45 PM  

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