Poignant Irrelevance

Thursday, May 10, 2007

tuesday 5/8: 5.3M, 47:20
wednesday 5/9: 3.1M, 27:46
thursday 5/10: 5.6M, 49:27

my legs have felt beat up all week. i didn't feel very good on any of my runs. whats up with that? could it just be from the shoes? i doubt it. maybe i'm not used to the warmer temps (seems doubtful, but i'm sure wearing the hooded sweatshirts keeps my mighty toasty out there). not sure.

i keep waiting for a good run to come along this week but so far it hasn't happened.

my 2120's now have a little over 300 miles on them. its probably the most miles i've ever put on one pair of shoes because i typically replace them as i get close to 200.

one thing i've had to re-learn over the last couple of months is that clif bars don't do anything for me (nutrition-wise). they taste good but i don't think i benefit in any way AT ALL. i've been very slowly attempting to shift over to more REAL foods like fruit, grains, vege's, and so forth. its not easy. clif's are so convenient.

i had a very strong feeling that something would pop up at the office that would require me to travel before my move. yup, have to leave sunday night, return tuesday. hopefully its the only trip between now and my move date because i couldn't take the stress.

my "travel pimple" started to fill in yesterday. heh.


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