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Saturday, May 12, 2007

finishing photo

5/11: ~10M, around 9:05 pace

here is a funny photo of me finishing the 1-miler. heh heh. look at me beating all of those skinny people, muahaha. i finished in of 1391.

Source: Action Sports International

i had the opportunity to leave the office a little early on friday, so i went for a run around the chain of lakes. i started at lake of the isles and by the time i was half way around harriett, i felt as though i may have over-extended myself a bit. oh well, the only way back was to run out the rest of it. during the day i had no water, and not much in the way of carbs.

i have 24 miles in so far this week. i should be able to get in a few more today and tomorrow.

i'm about to go get my new shoes. then some more errands etc. need to get ready for my trip. need to start packing up the apartment also.

hope everybody has a great mother's day tomorrow!


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