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Monday, April 30, 2007

GIG stats

total get-in-gear participation was up about 11% this year. i decided to look back at some history:

source: www.getingear10k.com

poor weather conditions occured in '02 and '06. it still seems odd that the pre-2002 participation numbers were so high, not sure what that is all about. possibly less races to choose from back then? i have no idea. i don't know if the data is apples/apples but it seems like it should be legit.

prior to '07, the trend was not looking so good eh?

since '02, the # of female finishers is up 14% while the number of male finishers is down slightly.

source: www.getingear10k.com

not much else is going on. i did not do anything productive tonight. i had to work late, and then i helped a co-worker jump start his car. had to drive back downtown mpls (my good deed for the month).


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