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Monday, May 07, 2007

ipod: expired; asics: expiring.

my nano from '05 quit working over the weekend. i tried everything. i suppose 2 years is about as long as i would expect a gadget like that to last. it saw me through a lot of miles out there!

i replaced it with another 4GB nano (silver). i regret not getting the 8GB nano now, not because i have so much music, but due to the size of podcasts. it can make sync-ing a little tricky. despite the fact that apple has this great reputation for making customer friendly products, i find the simple task of managing music on my ipod to be a little tricky. for example, why can't i sync the last two episodes of a podcast? (it only lets me sync 1, 3, or 5). stupid!

if you turn in your old ipod, apple with give you a 10% discount on the next one...not bad.

speaking of replacements, i need to pick up some new 2120's. i'm just about at 300 miles and i'm starting to get weird knee and feet tweaks. hopefully i can make it over to Run N Fun this weekend.
i feel pretty good about where i'm at with my apartment. i haven't started packing mind you, but i only have one more drawer to clean out and then there will be absolutely not hidden junk anywhere in here. packing should be pretty easy now. all closets, dresser, kitchen, absolutely every hiding spot for things to pile up has been cleaned out.

i probably donated at least a dozen items of clothing that still had the tags on them (of 30 to 40 items total). $80 jeans, $35 running shorts, you name it. note to self: always try on clothes at the store; if they do not fit, do not purchase. if you get home and do not like said item of clothing, return it right away. oops. tough lesson to learn.

i'm getting behind on my running. i'm letting my other errands take priority and that's putting a damper on my weekly mileage. time to put some weekly goals and a schedule down on paper so i don't get too far off track.


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