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Thursday, May 17, 2007

new blog feature

check out the new feature on the sidebar underneath the "archives" title. interesting eh?
i found out about this site while i was browsing around steve runner's site today.
i can no longer check my running stats on nike.com at work because that site is now blocked. i'll have to resort to this buckeye outdoors site, which seems pretty decent.

i like to peruse the details of my mileage log because it gives me a feel for what needs to get accomplished in the remaining days of the week and so forth. i thought i would give you guys a peek at my log book since i was able to figure out how to get the code into the sidebar (by some miracle). i only entered month-to-date runs.

since purchasing my new ipod, my splits have slowed. it sure felt like i was going faster than 8:53 tonight. i could be wrong. i better check the calibration just to be sure. heh.

very solid 10 mile run tonight, i really felt good at the end. i could have pushed the pace if i had felt like it (or continued on for more mileage) but i want to put in some more decent runs in the remaining days of the week. nonetheless, i was passing people left and right. i realize people aren't racing out there but over the past couple of summers, i'm always the one who gets passed. maybe folks are still shaking off the winter cobwebs.


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