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Sunday, April 29, 2007

10k GIG: 50:43
average HR: 173, max 185

at the 4 mile mark i was at 32:05, essentially on pace to hit my goal. i struggled a little bit on the last two miles, running them around 8:20. on the final 0.21 stretch, the most i could muster was a "sprint" of 7:45 pace. bleah.

while it was disappointing to miss my goal of <50 minutes, i feel like i performed up to my current fitness level. yes, i suppose i could have pushed a bit harder, but not by much. my average HR for this race was about 20 beats faster than it was for the 25k race. i was able to improve on last year's GIG 10k time of 52:42 by about 2 minutes, at essentially the same weight.

lots of work to do for next year! i need to push a lot harder this summer. gotta drop some weight too. i can do it.

i did not feel any hip flexor pain during the race, so that was sweet, and an unexpected surprise. my right knee felt a little tight from time to time but it was not continuous. nothing is sore today, well, maybe the hamstrings. it was a great day overall.

my buddy, whom i passed last year just before the 3 mile mark, blew me away this year!!! totally awesome. he worked hard and had a great race. sweet! nice work dude!

my mom, sister, and gf were there to cheer me on, plus i bumped into a guy that i work with. noticed a lot of other familiar faces. the weather was great and the vibe was festive! i can't wait until next year. woohoo!


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