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Thursday, May 22, 2008

hmm i can't think of anything real exciting to post about at the moment. the weather here has been great finally (low 60's to low 70's).

if you check in on the log you probably read that i ran 12.9 miles yesterday, in about 2 hours. it was a really nice relaxing run overall. my schedule opened up such that i had no care in the world and i had blast running for 2 hours. i kicked it up a little bit over the last 3 miles but see the log entry for detail.

i had a weight training session tonight. i moved up in weight on squats and db press.

i completed 2 sets of all of the following, in a 30-minute session (below). my current program is first set: 2o reps, second set: 15 reps (w/heavier weights than first set). so the way they have me go through the routine is as such: 20 reps of squats, then 20 reps of pull-downs, then back to squats for 15 reps, back to pull-downs for 15 reps, now deadlifts 20 reps, reverse fly's 20, reps, back to deadlifts for 15 reps, reverse fly's 15 reps, so and and so forth.

here are the exercises in my current routine:

--russian deadlifts (RDLs as we like to call them),
--reverse fly's w/cables kind of like this,
--21's (biceps),
--skull crushers w/dumbbells on exercise ball (triceps),
--3-way calf raises,
--bent-over rows (i hate these because i am using pretty heavy weights plus i have trouble feeling the muscles work)
--db bench
--leg curls but w/ball (too hard to explain the ball version heh)
--also one really hard core exercise.

i guess that looks like about 20 or 21 sets in 30 minutes.

usually they add 3 or 4 additional exercises to the above routine but i think this has been my core routine for a few weeks. thankfully i did not have to do split squats tonight, those are just deadly. try doing 2 sets of 20 reps, each leg, you'll see. i almost passed out the first time.

i think i'll get a completely new routine pretty soon.


  • That sounds like a really good routine. I am getting ready to take a break from heavy lifting (I just BPed 100 lbs!!) and do lighter interval work, bodyweight stuff.

    Are those leg curls w/ball where you lie on your back and put your heels on the ball, and sort of lift your butt off the ground and pull the ball in toward you with your feet? 'Cause those hurt.

    By Blogger M@rla, at 9:17 AM  

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