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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a little water

guess what? i had around 23 oz of water during the day today and i did not get dizzy during my lifting session tonight. hmm. maybe this water thing is a good idea?

i don't know why i have trouble drinking water. i need to get on that though. diet soda tastes so good. coffee tastes so good.

in other news i haven't been running as many miles now that i'm doing this training thing and i've put on a couple pounds. could it all be muscle? that seems optimistic. i think i'm going to dial back the calories from 2,000 - 2,100, to 1,800 - 1,900. the trainers say i should at least be having 2k calories per day particularly when lifting 3x / week and also when running a lot.

i am feeling better lately though despite the higher numbers on the scale. i know i shouldn't be fixated on it but its hard sometimes. i'm pretty sure my gf gets sick of it at times, hehe. once in a while i will express that i'm all pissed i gained 2 pounds since i started training. she's good about it though, she provides support. and sometimes tells me to get over it and get a grip, which i totally need to hear as well, hehe!

tonight after my session i had a chicken breast, some corn w/black pepper, and an english muffin w/pb. probably didn't need that e-muffin. whatever.

so i have basically been thinking about my 10k race every day since. is that normal? anyone else think about a race for a couple weeks before letting it go? i think even now, i'm pretty satisfied with my race overall. i won't bore you with my internal dialogue about it, let's just say i think i did ok (which is saying something, normally i'm all down about my race performances).

i better get to bed. yesterday was a 15 hour day, then had to get up at 5 am this morning. tomorrow i'll have to be up by 5 again.


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