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Monday, May 19, 2008

last week was a crazy week at work. i did manage to exercise 3 times but 2 were weight lifting sessions; thus i ran 9 total miles (on the last day of the week). it happens.

see the below light transformation. picture 1: light used by former owners. picture 2: tools used to transform light. picture 3: new light. woo hoo! trouble-shooting, problem solving, and 90% of the labor performed by: my dad. thanks dad!

below that some delicious asparagus we purchased at the mpls farmers market. we devoured every last piece except 2. so good. dinner was 1 piece of chicken breast, asparagus (some evoo, salt, pepper), and yogurt for dessert. i was actually full.

below that, pictures from a leisurely bike ride with my gf on sunday after my 9 mile run. wow the weather was GREAT. i felt pretty strong on the run, as i should have because my legs were super fresh. i'm starting to wonder if all the new lower body weightlifting i'm doing isn't actually helping my running. something sure seems a little different this spring. i do feel stronger.

later, i have to go to bed. still running short on sleep from last week. i thought i broke my tv tonight because it was stuck on zoom. i tried every zoom setting on my tv, and went through every menu of my cable box. i unplugged everything and waited. plugged everything back in. no dice, still zoomed in. called my cable company. finally got to a live person. she cheerfully said, 'do you an HD zoom button on your remote'? OH. this is after 1-2 hours of me trying to contemplate how i might return this tv because it sucks. just another sign i gotta get some sleep.


  • i don't see any bikes or girlfriends. i still say you're fakin'. ;)

    By Blogger jeff, at 11:57 AM  

  • yogurt for dessert? Impossible. Desserts can't be healthy (unless you mixed some choc. chips into the yogurt). :)

    By Anonymous aprilanne, at 6:18 PM  

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