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Thursday, May 08, 2008

i did not win $10,000

thank you for the well wishes however!

i forgot to bring my garmin (or any watch for that matter), however i just checked the results and i ran 6:28-- i sucked. i think i remember flashing by the half-way point in about 3:07. CRAP. i thought i could ran faster. i did manage to beat last year's time of 6:45.

i'm surely not built for this 1-mile thing, but its fun! the weather was perfect. must have been mid to low 60's. a little cool standing around but once we hit the road it was sweet.

one of the highlights of the night, i was able to see my favorite minnesota runner up close and in person!

she was just walking around, chatting with someone before the race. woah. nobody was paying attention to her...don't they know she's famous, fast, an olympian?? i kept waiting for people to mob her but alas, nobody seemed to even notice her. i could not go up to her and say anything as that just seemed ridiculous. hehe. a friend did offer me a scratch piece of paper and a pencil. i declined. :) she ran a 4:48, 2nd in her division, 6th female, and 33 overall.

the winning female was smokin' fast (4:21)--i think she may have won the $10k! i think the women had to beat 4:28 for the bonus, i'll have to check on that. the men's race was kind of close with 2 dudes finishing within a couple seconds of each other (frankly i just checked the results and they both finished in 4:09, so it was a close one!!)

we got a great t-shirt and i thought the bib was really cool too. i'll post a picture tomorrow.

ok later dudes, i have to wake up at 5am for the 3rd day in a row in order to get to an early meeting.


  • Hey, 6:28's pretty good! Mile races are really hard, I think, especially for us marathoners. You should've talked to Carrie - I met her at a race once and she's really nice and down to earth.

    By Blogger mg, at 9:50 AM  

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