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Thursday, December 13, 2007

it finally had to happen

the first treadmill run of the winter.
5 miles in 43:12, 1.0 incline.

it was my first visit to this new gym i joined back in november. most notable observation: there is a subway restaurant located on the first floor. i felt like i was running on a treadmill, enveloped in a big giant subway sandwich. the smell was a little disturbing (think fresh subway ovens). i hope i am able to get used to it over time.

this health club is a lot smaller than the giant health club chain in which i am used to working out in. it was a nice change, it reminded me of my college gym. a lot less pretentious vs. the giant club which was a nice bonus.

i still plan to avoid the treadmill unless absolutely necessary, but perhaps i could lift weights at this new club in the early mornings? just a thought.

i have just over 18 miles this week, on 3 runs (tues/wed/thurs). my goal is to hit 30. seems doable. my goal is to hit 30 miles per week, for the remaining weeks of the year.


  • One of the Ys we go to sometimes has a Subway in it and I agree that smell is seriously detracting. The Y I go to every day is renovating and they're going to have a starbucks...

    By Blogger Rae, at 8:27 AM  

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