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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

time: 8:45pm
temp: 4 degrees (minus 1 with windchill factor but i never felt any wind)
run: 2.88 miles in 23:04 (~8:00)

a literally paused and stared at the wall for a few seconds before going upstairs to my bedroom to gather up my running crap. then i hurried upstairs to start putting on my gear before i had a chance to convince myself to just go to bed.

take that, lazy half! it was a moral victory. i didn't burn many calories being out there for 23 minutes but it was a nice up-tempo run following the prior day's slow and steady 10 miler. i wore the spikes again.

so, earlier this month i finished up my 32nd year on this earth (i turned 32 which means i just finished my 32nd year and am staring my 33rd; get it?). my sister asked me how many miles i thought i ran in my 32nd year. well, seeing as how i track all of my runs online, i did a little investigating. and a little reflecting. it was a great year.

total miles ran: 1,395
avg miles per month: 116
low (feb '07): 14
high (aug '07): 201
avg per mo. during 4-month marathon training cycle (june - sept): 184
approx # runs: 220
total hours: 218
total minutes: 13,080
avg pace: 9:23
total miles logged in prior year: ~600

break-through performance #1: 25k (15.53 miles) in 2:13:40 (8:36 avg pace) on 9/9/07. ran negative split 2H vs 1H and felt strong at the finish. ironically, this race was my bandit race and therefore i have no official 25k race result. :)

break-through performance #2: TC 1-miler in 6:45 on 5/3/07 (before marathon training began). while this time may seem slow, i had no idea i could run 1 mile in 6-something. i can't wait until may 8, '08!

most disappointing outcome: easily the chicago marathon (4:45). it took me a good solid 3 or 4 weeks to come to grips with the whole thing.

weight +/- -7.4

i cannot wait to see what the next year brings.


  • Oh that sucks your breakthrough time was on the bandit race. You might as well be telling people how big was the fish that got away.

    By Blogger M@rla, at 7:15 AM  

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