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Thursday, November 15, 2007

whats up dudes.

i don't want to jinx myself but i think i'm going to get in at least 30 miles this week. yeah! i have 20 so far; i will likely log zero tomorrow, at least 10 on saturday, then another 3 on sunday. that's the plan anyway! i'd like to be able to get in at least 30 every week all winter but i'm not sure how realistic that is yet. we'll see how november goes.

i'm still getting the messed up HR readings toward the beginning of my runs. its starting to bug me. here is what the read-out looks like:

so for about the first 1/2 mile, its totally inaccurate (except the starting HR). weird! there is no way my HR is that high. hmmm. tonight i ran the finishing 0.65 mile at 7:51 avg pace and my HR hit about 162.

my diet has sucked this week so this 30 mile week won't be netting me any sort of weight loss. i haven't really settled back into a grove on the nutrition front yet. i don't feel like it is slipping away from me, but i'm not eating any where near as well as i was during my training. i'm trying to take it easy on myself without letting things get out of control. i always buckle down in due time; now just doesn't feel like the time to walk around all day beating myself up for the less than perfect diet. there are bigger fish to fry in life.


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