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Monday, April 16, 2007

weekend, boston, i'm tired

Saturday: 10M in 1:31, chain of lakes.

good run on saturday w/shawn. i felt better during the second half of the run.

the rest weekend was fun but then i had to work until 3am on monday morning. i have been sleeping on and off since this afternoon but i still don't feel fully recovered. i'm hoping i will be able to get to sleep within the next hour or so. went to the driving range and hit a bucket with gf, also went to a park and walked around a lake for about 2 miles. watched a couple movies; was not very impressed with the most recent bond flick.

i have a load of laundry in the dryer so as soon as that gets done i will head to bed (need to pull out some work shirts and pants before they dry completely).

did everybody track some runners at boston today? i was most interested in tracking jeff and dianna. it was super cool to see their matching splits at every checkpoint. they obviosly ran the whole thing together! can't wait to hear about it. these two are my running hero's, i would not be a marathoner without them. i would not have registered for my first race without them.

i also followed jason lehmkuhle since he is a local stud. "Jason Lehmkuhle who clocked 1:08:44 through the half-way mark in a pack of top-10 contenders finished 101st in 2:38:05. The "bear" has gotten Lehmkuhle in the late-going of his last two marathons -- after leading early-on at the 2006 Twin Cities Marathon, he ended up a suffering 9th."

the only other runner i tracked was steve "runner". i was so hoping he would make his goal time because his training has been going so well. i'm sure he is bummed. i guess we'll have to wait for the podcast to get the lowdown.

i better go to bed. my "busy" season is next week and into the first week of may, which means my training will likely suffer as i hammer through 16+ hour days. sorry post so disjointed. me sleep-deprived.


  • I loved tracking everyone on the computer!

    By Anonymous ali, at 2:12 PM  

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