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Thursday, April 12, 2007

thursday: circuit.

it has been kind of a slacker week following monday's 6M run.

on tuesday i cooked a lean turkey burger followed by a bag of:


I think i ate half the bag (140 calories).

i followed that up with some yogurt.

and then i had a 100 calorie peanut butter bar (ok i had two+?).

what i'm trying to say is that i normally have a microwave meal but eating all of this real food made me go a little bonkers. it all tasted so good. i sat in front of the tv with a full stomach, knowing at that point, there was no chance i was going to run that night.

wednesday i had dinner w/my some of my gf's family which was a good time.

that brings us to tonight: circuit.

for my lunch at work this week i have been drinking:

300 calories, 42g protein, 5g fiber.

i simply do not get enough protein in my diet. yesterday i believe i had around 60g of proten (42 from the shake). i think i should aim for at least 100- 120g which will be a challenge unless i cook more (or inhale tuna packets).

i'm exhausted, long day at the office.

countdown to 10k race as of thursday night: under 16 days.

countdown to closing day: about 43 days.


  • Protein can be a tricky one (especially for someone like me who doesn't eat a lot of meat). Some protein "finds" that have helped me: Kashi cereal/bars, egg whites (boiled, scrambled, microwaved, omelet, mixed in with tuna, on salad, etc. etc. etc. so many options with those things), egg beaters, cottage cheese, beans ("beans, beans, good for your heart, the more you eat 'em..."), lentils (sooooo easy to cook). Uh, or your 42g. Myoplex is good too (that suckers not messing around with its protein!)...but what about Metrx? -- you are, after all, the Metrx man, right?

    By Blogger lainb, at 12:14 AM  

  • I'm supposed to get around 90 grams of protein a day ... it is really difficult. I ended up eating egg whites for breakfast, tuna for lunch, chicken breast for dinner ... every day ... I couldn't do it

    By Anonymous ali, at 6:48 AM  

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