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Monday, April 09, 2007

change of scenery

saturday: 30 minutes stairs, 2 miles 'mill 17:19
monday: 6.125M 51:30 hyland park (wood chips)

i drove over to hyland park and ran around the lake (1 lap = 2 miles). here is a picture from a prior race at hyland. another. another. pretty big path eh? it was a nice change from running on the roads. i haven't run at hyland before but it was pretty cool. its about 1,000 acres with plenty of paths and trails. a few nice hills on the lake loops which felt good. i saw two huge wild turkeys which looked a bit scary but they were gone when i circled back.

its too far of a drive from my apartment to make regular visits to hyland but when i move i will be about 15 minutes away--not ideal but better than my 30 minute drive tonight.

i want to try to run 8:00's for the 10k (april 28) so i've been trying to get my legs used to running faster miles. 8:00 pace seems like a far cry from where i'm at but i'm not going to say it can't be done (yet).

tonight's 10k was a new personal best, as last year i ran 52:49 at the get in gear race for my official 10k pr. i'm not sure if 8 is realistic, i guess i will have to see how i feel over the next several weeks. i didn't do any all out sprinting tonight so i might have a bit more left in me?

my hip flexor was not sore one bit tonight, probably because of the wood chips? that was my favorite part about the run by far. hate the stupid hip flexor when it feels all tight and what-not.

not much else is going on. i was up late last night so i'm beat. bought tickets for the wild playoff game #2 at xcel but its not until next tuesday which stinks. tickets went on sale before the playoff schedule was set. now i need to think of a different date for gf and i to go on this weekend! hmmmmm...

ok i better get some sleep.

(rae....move-in date is may 25. just around the corner!!)


  • Yay!! That will be here before you know it!!

    By Blogger Rae, at 12:15 PM  

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