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Thursday, March 15, 2007

on the brink?

we are potentially on the brink of something huge here people!!!!!!!!! more on that soon hopefully! yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe not but.....maybe!!


yesterday i pulled up my running log and calculated that i had logged 40 miles in about 9 days (7 days of running). on tuesday i was able to get in 10 miles which was awesome; i had a mediocre 3 mile run in the morning and then i tore it up on a 7 mile run in the evening at an 8:40 pace. i felt great after that run. bring it on baby!

yesterday i logged 4 hard miles that ended up avg. 9:10 pace. the legs were cement-y. it felt like i was running up a 4-mile mountain, carrying 400 pounds of equipment, the whole state on my back, in bare-feet, and as though i had not had any fuel in my body for the past 10 consecutive days.

today will be an off day because i have some other things going on including a hockey game. some things are more important fo shizzle! its the WCHA final 5 which, for you non-hockey, non-minnesotan's means: its college hockey playoff time as the gophers play to win the WCHA division title!

my sister and i have tickets for the whole playoffs: 1 game tonight, 2 games tomorrow, 2 games saturday.

bring it!!!!!!

if anybody else wants to get fired up, they put together an awesome 2 or 3 minute video that streams here (includes the ridiculous goal by okposo).

catch you on the flip side.


  • Dude, you better be talking about a house purchase and/or a marriage proposal. If you come back and talk about new shoes or a blister, I will pummel you.

    By Blogger Mia Goddess, at 9:45 PM  

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