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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

time for the triathlon! (i'll be watching not racing)

i ran just over 5 miles tonight instead of 7. well? it was really hot out. my shirt was drenched. i'm not sure what else to say about that i guess. i feel as though i dug myself a little hole by not running last week so i'm trying to dig myself out of it now.
good news is: knee + hip flexor still hanging in there ok.
bad news is: it feels super hot to wear the knee brace. i took it off during the last mile tonight. maybe i won't wear it this weekend?

also bad news: i'm getting a little bored running around the lakes, the novelty is wearing off. i suppose i like harriet and lake of the isles but i can't run those two together w/o also running calhoun because of the way the 3 lakes are situated. calhoun is boring and crowded, and not much for dirt paths.

i'm scheduled for 14 on saturday and it is supposed to be wicked hot again. i'll have to get up really early, i'm thinking around 6am. the low temp for the day is supposed to be in the mid 70's but thats better than the 90 degree temps in the afternoon!

i plan on watching some of the local lifetime fitness triathlon on saturday too. i went last year for the first time and it was pretty cool. there are 2,800 registered participants. its pro men against pro women, and the women start before the men (last year they started 9:30 in front of the men). half a million bucks in cash and prizes, but i can't remember how much the winner gets. last year the top female finished within about a minute of the overall winner (male). its being broadcast on NBC @ 3:30 CST but i'm not sure if they are only showing it here or what. good luck to all participants!


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