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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

underneath the wind

last night i strapped up the bike and took it over to the trails. they were closed because the trail was too wet! boooooo.

instead of driving back home i decided to leave my car in the lot and ride the bike around the streets for a while to burn off some pent up energy. i ended up riding for 30-35 minutes. i kept the heart rate up there; i got to ride up and down some decent sized hills! i had it in gear #3 on the left and #8 on the right (very technical i know). well anyway that is the highest gear!

i felt very speedy, for a mountain biker. burn legs burn! it was very windy in some spots. i decided to duck my head down a few times, all tour-de-france-like. when i ducked my head down, it felt as though i was sneaking underneath the wind. pretty funky. i didn't really think the shape of the helmet should matter all that much. but when i sat up i felt the brunt of the wind; when i ducked, it felt like the wind was pressing me down, almost as though i was sneaking underneath the wind a little bit. pretty funky!
this weekend i had 11 miles on the schedule. i ended up running about 10 miles. i didn't feel that great, party because i don't think i ate enough in preparation.

my average HR for the ~2 hours was 143-145. my pace was slow, around 10:50. my legs made the run a struggle: left hip flexor made each stride a chore. hrrmph. my relatively low HR would suggest that i am in OK shape right now but my legs really make running a chore. this weekend is supposed to be 12, we'll see how that goes.

gf went with on her 'blades which actually wasn't such a great idea because i was going so slow. mentally, it was more difficult for me because i was always aware of where she was and wondering how she was doing. there was no way to "forget" how far i had gone or how much of the run i had left to conquer.

good news is that my HR strap felt a little bit looser. nice. of course now that i am running a little bit more i am ravenous which is difficult. sometimes i am very strong, and sometimes i am weak. gotta keep focused!


  • I totally refer to my bike gears like that too. Like, it's great when I can go up a hill and never leave #2. If I get into #1, it's really been a bad day....

    Good for you for getting a ride in.

    By Blogger vj, at 4:09 PM  

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