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Monday, May 22, 2006


today my knee wasn't feeling so hot. probably not a big surprise eh? frustrating anyway. it was sort of throbbing when i woke up this morning. run less than 5 miles = feel like an old man the next day.

moving along...

i bought some new shoes tonight. naturally, whenever one has an injury of any kind that is even remotely related to running, there is always one solution:

buy new shoes!

nevermind that my current brooks glycerin 4's have well inside of 100 miles on them.
i ended up getting some mizuno wave rider 9's. we'll see.

here is the route i took on sunday mid-morning (small part of calhoun, then cross over and complete lake of the isles, then back to calhoun where i parked):

to get the tour from down on the ground, check out the pictures i took last summer in
this entry.
this next part will only be interesting if you live/have lived in MN: the $3.5 million house is still for sale except now they are offering $3.0 million or -14%. after doing a little bit of research tonight, i figured out that the owner is paul magers (and his wife kathy). formerly of kare 11 news. the MLS # is 2246250. they originally purchased the house for $1.8 million in 1999, and have since upgraded to a $6.5 million house in beverly hills. one article speculates his current salary at $22 million over 10 years. holy crap, i never would have guessed he was making that kind of money.
back to the regular program. my polar said i went 4.4 miles and using this website that i found out from reading zeke's site a while back, the route clocked in at 4.37 miles. wow! i didn't quite draw the route up exactly, but its pretty close eh?

later on sunday night i completed a circuit routine but it didn't go great because gf was watching from the coutch. she pretended to watch tv but i would catch her watching me and then i would lose all concentration. she wants me to use lighter weights so i don't struggle and hurt myself. hehe, funny.

hopefully i will feel ok tomorrow and then i will be able to give some impressions of the new shoes.


  • I was just thinking about that post from last year, because you mentioned the possibility of buying a house if you had TWO incomes to deal with... don't think the significance of that slipped past me!

    When my husband had a similar knee problem, the doctor had him do quad clenches. Did she recommend that to you?

    By Blogger M@rla, at 8:25 AM  

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