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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

shifting weight

today was a great spring / pre-summer day. i think it hit 80, nice. after arriving home from work i kept the blinds drawn and moped while working on my budget. sure would have been great to go for a little run.

for weeks (months?) i have been diligently looking for a house using the realty sites on the internet. i have about 8 or 9 different searches saved based on various criteria, and i also have about 30 specific properties saved in my profile. i have actually visited around six homes via open houses over the past couple of weeks.

currently, my biggest dilemma is choosing between 1) newer homes/townhomes in less than ideal locations eg. further out from the city, and 2) old 1920's homes in prime locations. some of the old homes are stinky and gross, and others have been updated and look move-in ready. these older homes that have been updated are a little more pricey and most importantly, they get picked off very very quickly. i mean within a couple weeks they get snapped up. i guess thats where having a realtor would come in handy.

after i get the budget a little more refined, i'll get preapproved, talk with some of the realtors that have been recommended to me by friends and family, and then go from there. we'll see.

so it sounds like running through a knee injury is not a good idea! i figured. i HAD to get that 10k race in though, i hope you can understand. hopefully not too much damage was done.

i bought the anti-inflammatory, and some dude at the office actually takes these weird pills that are designed to..."(repair) damaged cartilage and lubricate joints". whatever. claims on label not approved by the FDA but i took a couple anyway. the pills contain Glucosamin and Chondroitin. i might have to get my own supply.

the focus for next several weeks is going to shift to circuit weight training. upper body only of course (for now).

these are the circuits i've talked about before so i won't go into the boring details. 1 circuit: 2 sets of lots of stuff with 30 second rest periods. i managed about 1.5 circuits (so 4 sets for some muscle groups); it took 27 minutes, see below.

for 18 minutes my HR was in the 55%-65% range. better than nothing but not exactly aerobic. more thoughts for you on thursday.


  • Brent was taking some of those same pills when he was having knee issues, but after he visited a PT who showed him various exercises he's been doing GREAT and doesn't take the pills anymore.

    By Blogger Rae, at 8:48 PM  

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