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Saturday, October 15, 2005

my first PR


friday i was bored. what to do when bored? look for a race!

i found a 5k that went around lake calhoun on saturday morning. perfect. so i got up early and went to register on-site. wow i had to pin my bib on right at the race, now thats some pressure!

i finished in about 26:20 compared to my first 5k this past spring of 28:41. i forgot to shut off my watch so my read-out says 26:25.8, but lets call it 26:20 until the results are posted. my average pace was something like 8:12 compared to 9:xx before.

it was great although i was just a tad disappointed. as a new racer, i find it very, very tricky to reach that perfect balance of running as fast as you can and not going so fast that you won't be able to finish in one piece. its so tricky. that is something that i hope to keep working on by doing more races. races are awesome!

i was pretty much out of breath for the whole 3.1 miles. good times. i felt a little under-prepared cuz i haven't been running much for a couple weeks. i started my finishing kick too late. you'd think i would learn by now. i couldn't see the finish line right away and we all know how that can be a big motivator.

well anyway, regarding the disappointment: during training i was able to mix in 7:45-50 miles once in a while but i wasn't able to pull off one of those splits today. no biggie, this way i can PR again next spring!

my dream 5k (for me) is 24:00.

all in all, racing is awesome. and i pretty much smoked my old self.

june 29 5k 8:50, 8:58, 9:02, 7:04 sprint in
oct. 15 5k 8:12, 8:17, 8:18, 6:47 sprint in




  • yeah, i had a feeling you were going to be cutting some crazy times off of your PRs asap. i think you're going to find you're a pretty speedy runner. congratulations!

    By Anonymous Audrey, at 3:13 PM  

  • nice work. Don't wait for next spring either. jump on the next one within driving distance. you've got it in your blood now, brent.

    By Blogger David, at 7:37 PM  

  • Way to go! Great job on running consistent miles, too. I had a really hard time at first in 5Ks with running consistently. I'd run the first mile way too fast in 7:45 or so, then add 30 seconds
    (or more sometimes) to each mile afterwards. I bet you'll break 24 by the end of next year!!

    P.S. I'm ALWAYS out of breath during 5-Ks. The distance is so 'short' I kind of think you have to be, if you're pushing yourself as hard as you can. But I'd love to hear some other opinions on that!!

    By Blogger Rae, at 9:07 PM  

  • Nice 5K time! You'll break 24:00!
    I think 5Ks are meant to be run "out of breath". It's funny how a lot of non-runners always comment (and assume) on how easy a 5K must be to a marathoner....IT'S NOT! I love the competition, the pushing of limits, and getting those sprints over with because they are not so fun when we are actually running them! Congrats on your PR.

    By Blogger D, at 10:44 PM  

  • that's pretty awesome!

    i've never really truly "raced" the 5K's before. i just "did" them.

    i think i'd like to try the same thing once i get through this marathon thing.

    By Blogger Danny, at 11:04 PM  

  • Wow! Way to go.

    By Blogger Dawn - Pink Chick, at 11:52 PM  

  • Fantastic! You've come such a long way!

    By Blogger lainb, at 9:00 AM  

  • My god, you're a running JUNKIE now! Good for you!

    By Blogger M@rla, at 9:34 AM  

  • Yay! That's awesome Brent! Way to go!!

    By Blogger Lara, at 12:15 PM  

  • Congratulations! Great race. When is the next one? :)

    By Blogger april anne, at 10:45 PM  

  • Way to go. Now the fun begins as you get to blow away all your PRs. The trick is to stay consistent throughout our tough Minnesota winter. All the training you do (or don't do) over the winter will set you up for next spring's races.

    By Blogger Chad Austin, at 12:54 PM  

  • I'm a little late here, but yay brent!! Great job on the PR:)

    By Blogger susie, at 4:59 PM  

  • WOO HOO~ you are the MAN. awesome splits!

    By Blogger jeanne, at 8:49 PM  

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