Poignant Irrelevance

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

and on the 9th day....

....he ran.

at work he began to stir in his chair. he couldn't get comfortable. his pace unknowingly quickened as he walked over to grab his first over-priced coffee of the day. he was restless. deep within his being he knew, today, he would run.

morning turned to afternoon, afternoon to early evening.

on his 45-commute home, the leaves were even brighter than usual. the traffic never creeped so slow. he still had time to lace it up for his favorite time to run...just after sunset when the streets still glow. move it people! step on the gas, move!!

he walks out the door with his running gear on. it feels unusual indeed. he leans down to turn on the foot pod. before he can stand up he is grinning from ear to ear. deep within his being he knew, today, he would run.

his first few strides feel funny; his feet are 3 sizes too big.

soon, his feet shrink back down to normal size and he finds his stride. he imagines what it will be like to gallop down the finishing 6 miles near this pace. he almost hyperventilates before reaching the first block off of his apartment!

the concrete sidewalks and the paved streets feel like one big mattress. his lungs are not so sure of this new thing called running, but his legs shout, "go brent go!!"

and on the 9th day, he ran.

2.3 miles at ave pace of 8:38.


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