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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

August '09: records are meant to be broken

I have to do another VO2 max workout tonight, which I'm not really looking forward to. I'll be running 11 miles with 6x 1,200m (roughly .75 mi) at 5k race pace / jog 2 minutes in between. I'll jog 3.5 miles, do the repeats, then cool down for about 2 miles. I'll be very acutely aware of how my right hamstring/glute/hip areas feel. I wanted to run this morning but I had to make a bunch of phone calls and couldn't sneak out. Did I make a mistake with one of my phone calls? Hmmmm...more on that at a later date.

Today I spent some time analyzing my August stats. Not too shabby: 263 miles in 38 hours 29 minutes, average pace of 8:47. Supposedly I burned 35,000 calories.

Weekly miles were 70, 55 (felt horrible following that 70 mile week), 64, 63, and 10 miles on the last day of the month. My worst run of the month was actually a 20-mile long run with a friend...not because of the company but because of the blasted heat and humidity. The run would have been much worse w/o the company. I had a great 17 mile run, a great 19 mile run, and a so-so 23 mile run.

My August Runs (bars left axis=distance, line=avg pace):

There were 5 weekends in August, but I didn't run during the first weekend (those miles were accelerated into the last few days of July) due to a scheduling conflict.

My best August before this one was Aug '07: 201 miles, so I ramped up 30% year over year.

I found a chart that really puts my August and all of '09 into perspective for me (see below):

This chart isolates the cumulative miles of all runs over 18 miles during over the last several years (but excludes marathons in the previous years). So basically, this adds up all my Long Runs over 18 miles. Kind of hard to explain but do you get it? You can see here, I have increased the total distance of my runs over 18 miles by 80% this year vs. '08. Holy smokes. Put another way: I've had a lot of good quality LRs during this cycle. And obviously September will be a decent month (hopefully).

2009 running on weekly basis

I haven't ran a race since April '09 (except a "silly" 1-mile race in early May). I wonder what kind of race shape I'm in?


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