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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First VO2 Max Training Run of The Year

Everyone had interesting comments on the last post, thanks! One thing I do want to note is that my takeaway from the article was not that a person can't benefit from exercise, however for most individuals, weight loss might be more successful with moderate exercise combined with a healthy diet (versus high volume/extreme exercise programs like marathon training or lifting weights for 2 hours a day etc.). Get it? More on this topic in later posts.

Tonight I completed my first speed workout of the current cycle. Sweet! I hate speedwork, plus in the past I always seem to tweak something during a speed workout. So last year, excluding racing, I skipped speedwork altogether. I had a good marathon due to higher volume training, more corework, and strength training. And cooler weather.

After owning my garmin for 2 1/2 years, I finally decided to program a speedworkout on the thing tonight. It was pretty cool! Here is a screenshot of my programmed workout: 10 miles with 5x1000m at 5k race pace with 2 minute cooldown. I warmed up for 3 miles, then cooled down for about 3 miles at the end:

After you construct this, you send it to your garmin and off you go. It was slick! It kept me on track and took the pressure off of trying to keep track of exactly when to rest/race/etc.

Here are my results:

It was tough, but I recovered well. I forgot to wear my HR monitor (sucks). Boring post, but thats all I have for now. Later dudes.


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