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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I deem this to be one of the most boring weeks I've ever experienced. You're probably going to want to provide suggestions like, why don't you do this? Or how about that? I've done it. I've done all of it. Now I'm real bored.

You guys crack me up with the 'run' suggestion most of all. You all know I'm training for a marathon.

Speaking of which. After this week, only 2 more weeks until I enter the taper zone! Holy moly. Sounds real........boring?

Last weekend I had a nice 17 mile race-pace workout. I ran first 3 around 8:20 (warmup) then 14 a tad under 8 (7:57). I've started to think more about my goal. Its so hard because much of it will be predicated on the weather for that day. If the weather is nice, I will push myself as hard as possible right from the start. The odds of me having the time to follow anything close to pfitzingers 70 mpw peak schedule ever again are super low. Could I run 8:30s for a whole marathon? 8:15s? On the other hand, if its hot, it'll be hard to hang on to 9s.

Yesterday I got a permanent crown with temporary cement. What? My temporary crown/tooth started to bother me and cold drinks/foods caused pain. I had a deep cavity on this tooth some time ago...it was in good shape until it broke on a piece of hard candy. Tooth gets shaved down and then a mold is made for a permanent crown. Meanwhile, they give you a silver temporary until the real thing is ready. I prepared myself for another root canal. Xray was negative so I got me some medicinally charged temporary cement, with the hopes that I won't need a root canal. I am hopeful. Won't know for a while.


  • hey, here's an idea:

    make a baby, be a stay-at-home dad.

    i bet you haven't tried THAT yet!

    By Blogger jeff, at 5:38 PM  

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