Poignant Irrelevance

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm really bored.

The marathon is in 67 days. I am still building to where I was before my 18 day hiatus. My legs and my fitness are pretty close, I think. It's hard to compare a run in 80 degree temp to a run in the 60s. I haven't been feeling super about my runs but last week I ran 64.5 miles, in mostly warmer weather, so I will give myself a pass.

Nutrition, nutrition. Always my downfall. 67 days...FOCUS you idiot.

I told one of our neighbors that I don't like to share my things; they asked for my yard and my grill to use for a big block party and I said no. They haven't talked to us much since...ha ha. They are always up in our business trying to sell us crap or push their own agendas, so this peace without them up in our grills (no pun intended ha ha), has been very nice. Sometimes I just want to sit out on my patio and not have to small-talk the neighbors about a bunch of nothingness.

Being "off" in the summer does have its benefits, but they are near-term oriented and I'm super bored. I miss interactions with other business professionals and solving problems and discussing big ideas.


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