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Monday, September 14, 2009

25k road race report

Good heavens I just re-read my last post and I sounded like a big whiner. Everybody has bad days I guess, and this is one of the places I go to vent.

On Sunday I participated in the annual marathon-tuneup race: a 25k road race that borrows a fraction of the Twin Cities Marathon course.

Starting line temperature was probably low to mid-60s with a dew point of 60 (kind of humid). Finishing temp was likely mid to high 70s?

Let's get the first part out of the way: my right hammyglute was bothersome the whole race from start to finish, but I never experienced sharp/acute pain and my stride didn't seem to suffer like it has on some long runs. Ok moving on..

On the first 8-mile loop I felt great. Breathing was under control, and I was hovering around 7:30 splits which was faster than I expected to start but I felt ok. My pace was very steady but I kept getting passed by people on the first couple miles. Either I started too far up front or these people were going to suffer later...I didn't do anything to try to match pace.

At the beginning of the second loop, I picked up the pace because I like to run negative splits at this race to help my confidence going into the marathon. I ran mile 8 in 7:22 and mile 9 in 7:19, but then gravitated back to 7:30 range.

My percieved effort and speed were higher than my actual splits in the second half of the race. I'm not overly concerned about this because it was kind of a warm day, and I started picking off other racers in the back half.

On the finishing 3 miles or so when I kept passing people, a lot of runners told me "good job" and so forth which was sweet! On the second loop I studied the runners around me and kept thinking, "man I'm running with the 3:30 marathoners right now! woo hoo!"

I didn't have much of a kick at the end, but I ran a steady race.

Check out accumulative average pace through each mile!
1. 7:30
2. 7:28
3. 7:33
4. 7:34
5. 7:34
6. 7:34
7. 7:34
8. 7:33
9. 7:31
10. 7:31
11. 7:31
12. 7:32
13. 7:33
14. 7:33
15. 7:33
15.74. 7:32

Pretty small variance eh? hehe.

My official time-- 1:58:xx (7:39 avg pace). Super excited to break 2 hours. My previous best, last year, 2:08:xx.

Garmin avg pace-- (7:32)

Garmin half marathon split-- 1:38:46 (7:32)

I give myself a B+/A- minus on this race. Now I hope to maintain my base but rest my glutehammy.

Next stop: Marathon

Splits graph

1H-- 7:33 avg
2H-- 7:31 avg


  • i dig your 10 minute PR!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:37 PM  

  • You ran the race I wanted to run. I'm totally jealous. A finish time isn't the only the only thing that tells the story of a race.

    If I could go back and do it over, I think you know what I would have rather done.

    Your splits > my horrible positive splits.

    By Blogger Shawn, at 4:29 PM  

  • well done, brent. that's a VERY consistent pace and bodes well for a decent marathon. rest that glutehammy!

    [my word verification is "mends". how apropos!]

    By Blogger jeff, at 3:27 PM  

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