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Monday, April 21, 2008

cancellation #1

i had to cancel my training session tonight at the last minute ('twas to be my tenth session). the rules say i will be charged but i'm hoping somewhere down the line they will let me make the session up.

i had to cancel because something came up at work. you'd think a 7:30pm session would be doable wouldn't you?

man i was bummed.

i got home and had some dinner, let it settle, then hit the weights hard using the stuff i have here at home. i went heavier and w/lower reps on chest, shoulders, and threw in about 4 ab exercises. right now i'm doing mostly high rep stuff w/the trainer so it was fun to go heavy and just pound out 8 to 10 reps.

i think i did about 3 sets of db bench, 3 sets of flyes (higher reps/lower weight here), front and side lat raises. awesome. since i'm all by myself here i let out a lot of grunts and stuff, hehe.

for abs-related stuff i did the bicycle thing, the twist side to side while feet of the ground (sitting on butt) thing, front plank, and some regular crunches w/feet off the ground.

i couldn't keep my heart-rate up so it was no fat burning session but it was a fun lift. no running tonight due to the weird achilles tendon incident yesterday.


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