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Sunday, April 20, 2008

odds & ends

at the mall of america, you need to be at least 16 to enter the mall w/o being accompanied by an adult on the weekends after 8pm or something like that. upon entering the mall saturday night, my gf and i were carded. i'm 32, she's 29. come on, seriously. i didn't really care but sometimes i get sick of having to explain myself just because i look young. we wanted to go to a movie but there's not much out now, so we went to see the dr. suess movie. thankfully i was not carded upon purchasing the tickets. the first hour is funny but then it gets a little long in my view.

i just raked my front and back yard. good times, good times. its REALLY nice out today, mid-60's and feels great.

my last 2 runs have not gone well. toward the end of a ~10-miler today, i felt some sharp pains from my achilles tendon, below my calf muscle. whats up with that? my shoes need to be replaced so i'm hoping it was just a fluke. the big 10k GIG race is this upcoming saturday! the pain was such that i had to stop and stretch a couple times in hopes it would go away.

not that anyone cares, but i had to return my plasma tv! something was wrong with it, i won't go into it but the picture stunk. back to the drawing board; maybe lcd this time? plasma tv's have better pictures but LCD is catching up (however the models w/newer technology and images near plasma are crazy-expensive).

i guess thats all for now, later dudes!


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