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Thursday, March 27, 2008

travel matrix

my trip went well. 9 out of every 10 business trips end up being a great experience, and worth the effort.

why then do i continually dread travel?

i thought of a succinct explanation as we were de-boarding tonight.

i need 3 elements of my routine to maintain intact on a consistent basis in order to be upbeat, in good spirits, fulfilled, etc etc (excluding spiritual, and emotional elements in this example):

--a quality night of sleep
--a decent diet

these are all very, very difficult for me to manage on the road. many times (while on the road) adding to one of these 3 elements typically takes away from one or both of the other elements.

finally, for a 1-day trip, i need 2 days to fully recover. for a 2-day trip, i need 3 days to fully recover. i think some people are just better at handling travel vs. others.

that is all, i had to flush that out before going to bed.

i leave for my next biz trip on tuesday of next week. i'm dreading it.


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