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Monday, April 07, 2008

mileage sinker!

last week i ran about 20 miles (on 3 runs). doh!

tonight i ran 6, it went fine (see buckeye log for more detail).

i'm kind of in a time crunch tonight but wanted to get a post out there. hmmm, i little about my personal training so far...my pt sessions are 30 minutes each. we do a circuit routine with very little rest in between exercises. currently the focus is high reps (and low rest). i wear a heart rate monitor and at various times the trainer will inquire to see where i'm at.

the routine seems equally split between 1) upper body, 2) lower body, and 3) "core" work / ab work. i should mention that i spoke with a trainer quite a bit before my first session so its not like all of a sudden i just showed up and they started making me do things. we talked a lot about my goals, took measurements, yada yada.

none of my routines / sessions have been exactly alike which is cool. my impression is that they are working in phases (periodization) as a coach might do with a new runner beginning a program

even if you consider yourself to be an experienced weightlifter, i'm guessing there are a lot of times when you settle into a groove in terms of when to back down and lower the intensity because it was a long day at work, and so forth.

i found myself immediately settling into this groove without realizing it. i was supposed to do 20 reps of something and when i got to 15 i was a little tired. what did i do? without thinking about it i kind of backed off, because thats what i have been doing for years.

the trainer looked at me with a confused look and said, 'come on man, what are you doing?' not in a drill sergeant sort of way but more like, DUDE, wake up. ohh oops.

one day last week i apparently didn't eat enough before one of my sessions. i got light headed near the end. doh!! it was so embarrassing. i had to step outside for a few minutes and get some fresh air. lame. i thought i was going to have to call it a night (i drank gatorade and came back to life). i am so weak right now.

next time i will talk a little about nutrition.


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