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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

motivation, oh where art thou?

struggling on the motivation front here. more snow due thursday. it'll melt but really, how many more days are we going say gee, i'm glad its in the high 30's because it could be worse? i mean, its spring right?

last night i watched hockey in high def and all was right with the world, but tonight the picture is more grainy. whats up with that? the picture is not great. i am worried.

i'm feeling negative (hehe) so lets take this quick opportunity to highlight the following that took place over the last week, during my vaca:

-my dryer broke on day 1 of my vaca; i had a new one delivered and installed (sweet) but they charged me an extra $120 to bring the new gas connection "up to code". my $450 dryer was about $800 installed. explain that one.

-my new tv was delivered (sweet)...but the bottom of the tv box was wet and dirty. the delivery dudes set the box on my white rug. it sat there for days until i hooked up the tv and realized the rug is filthy and crusty. i haven't cleaned it yet, i'm too depressed.

-i had the roto rooter guy come out again; he fixed the tree root problem (sweet) but as he was leaving, his big heavy machine accidentally slammed my side door against the plaster wall. it left a small hole.

-i had an electrician come out to fix 2 outlets (sweet); he purchased one $10 GFI box from the hardware store down the road and then charged me $120 in labor to screw it in (or whatever he did in 5 minutes).

-we had cooking lessons scheduled for last wednesday (sweet) but 3 hours before the lesson an instructor called and had to cancel due the 2nd instructor ending up in the ER for some unknown reason.

-i had my new desk delivered (sweet) but the boxes were wet from sitting in the delivery truck so some parts of the new desk scraped the wet ground as the boxes fell apart and desk-related stuff fell out.

-i painted the white ceiling in my 'office' tan. in a few spots. on accident.

hehe. life is great really, i am fortunate and thankful, but sometimes its just funny how lots of crap can go all wrong for a stretch. i think the other messages here are to buy a big truck to haul stuff and bribe smart mechanically-inclined friends with pizza or something in order to fix $10 outlets and so forth.

i'm close to breaking one piece of news. remember, it is fitness related.

ok i had a short-notice biz trip handed to me so i'm outta here for a bit. later dudes.


  • About the TV, I heard how your HD programming looks is not just about the TV but what kind of camera the network used to tape what you're watching be it a show or hockey. So you might have been watching a network that is not using the best cameras for HD.

    As for the other bits...eek! LOL, I'd think I was cursed or something :)

    By Blogger Trish, at 12:02 PM  

  • That stinks!! It seems like crap always comes in bundles. You need a friend with some electrical experience! Or Google it, that stuff is so easy to do yourself!

    By Blogger Rae, at 8:45 PM  

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