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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

core work

i've never had a body fat % low enough to show abs (still don't, not even close). therefore i've rarely done ab work, EVER. why do it if it won't show?

we are doing a lot of core work. a ton! i think its good for me. all of these ab exercises are pretty tough for me though. wow my 'core' is pathetic!

in 4 sessions, i have done at least 15+ different core exercises. crazy. i think we do 4-6 different core exercises per session. i don't know how they are able to come up with all the variety.

one of my favorites was using this thing (normally used for tricep pushdowns). imagine sitting on a big exercise ball, facing away from the exercise apparatus. now lean back and grab the below rope and pull the two balls around your neck.

now while holding on, do weight-resistant crunches. its hard to describe i guess. i like stuff with the medicine ball too. i pretty much stink at most of the core stuff right now but it is pushing me beyond what i know, and beyond what i would normally do.

snow storm in minnesota due thursday and friday. i'll try to post a picture. stupid spring weather.


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