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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

april dog

it snowed a lot yesterday (monday). 3-5" maybe? it has been difficult to not fall into a funk this "spring". a lot of folks i know around here are having trouble breaking free from the winter blues. this weather will wear you down after a while man, i'm telling you. it makes you want to wear a giant hoodie, 2-sizes too big, and eat licorice while watching tv on the couch with cozy blankets.

tonight i managed to get out the door (at 8:10pm) for what turned out to be a 5.84 mile run in 50:11. wow it felt great. i have no idea why it went so well. i just felt absolutely great from start to finish.

it was also my first experience being chased by a big scary dog at dark. here i was bounding along toward the end of my run and then a big black dog barked and chased me in the street. i veered and picked up the pace a little (didn't sprint or anything) and after a couple houses it turned back. close one! :)

i have to travel tomorrow. cripes. i'm going to be a mess again this weekend, heh. busy season at work is coming up too, end of april. i feel like i'm just holding on some days! life can grab you and spin you around sometimes. and i just had a week off. hmmm. burnout sucks. i feel old.


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