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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2 blog recs and so forth

Tues. PM: 35-40 min full body circuit
Wed. PM: 5M treadmill, 44:36; Mile 4 at 8:00 pace

today i subscribed to a local runner's feed (which i suggest you check out): http://theunforgivingminute.blogspot.com
i like his simple workout descriptions, located at the top of each entry. i'm going to go ahead and copy him unless there are protests.

while i'm at it, i also recommend Meghan's Blog. she is not a local runner however she is hardcore and i enjoy her writing style. she ran in the 220k 6-day Coastal Challenge a while back, which was awesome to read about. yes you read that correctly: 220k. i think she was the 3rd female to cross the finish. good stuff. head on over and get caught up. coast challenge was in feb. i believe.


i finally chose my lender today. not sure if it representative of the current market or what, but none of the lenders complained about my demands to continually match my lowest offers. i assume the sub-prime fiasco is having some sort of direct or indirect impact on big lenders. or maybe the slowing housing market is to blame eh. both?

next up: home insurance. i guess you have to buy a whole year upfront. who knew? that bites.

i've been itching for a new running gadget. i almost bought the new polar rs400 (new in October) but i think i will sit tight and wait to see what nike has up their sleeves for the May 1st product launches.


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