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Monday, March 19, 2007

i could hardly sleep on saturday night. the gophers won the wcha championship in one of the best college hockey games i've ever attended. it was an awesome game. intense, punishing, exhilarating, thrilling. they won 3-2 in OT on a diving goal by wheeler (which ended up making ESPN's top 10 plays that night).

sweet victory.

my sister and i had great seats near the corner on the end in which the gophers shot at twice, while my brother (the hockey expert in the family) watched from a suite. we all got to experience the gophers win the title in overtime, on a sweet goal to boot!!! we had a blast. i'll never forget it. it was awesome.

i will be replaying that goal in my mind for weeks. months maybe?

last week i ran 24 miles which kind of pisses me off. i could have easily logged at least another 5. i put a big fat zero in the log book on sunday which was totally unnecessary.

tonight i put in a solid 5 miles at the gym. it felt great.

"the big news" of mine has given me some restless nights. i suspect it will continue that way for a bit longer. i can't wait to share it, very soon hopefully!!!!!!

the gophers were placed in the most difficult bracket of the ncaa's. if they beat the air force, they will face the winner of michigan and north dakota. onward! the game is saturday afternoon at 3:30EST on ESPN2 (in denver therefore i'll have to settle for watching it on tv); you can be sure i will be scheduling my run around it.


  • 24 is still a good week, you need to have lower weeks to help recover.

    Now this sleepless news ... is there a question going to be 'popped' ... hmmmm

    By Anonymous ali, at 10:28 AM  

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