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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

setting goals by the month...

...is a good idea. that is all. heh.

i barely sqeezed in a 5-miler on march 31st, to get me to 100. whew. unfortunately i wasn't "feeling it" that day so i had to make an extra effort to get my butt to the gym. i had grand plans of running a 5k race that saturday morning followed by a medium-long run but it was raining and cold so i wussed out, and settled for a treamdill run later in the day.

i'm thinking of actually lifting weights in april. in march, i gave myself the greenlight to not feel guilty about ignoring the weights for the whole month. i did not even complete a single set! due to my 100-mile goal, i felt very little guilt about ignoring that aspect of my training.

now it is april and after further reflection, its time for weights again. i think i lost 3 pounds in march but i think it was all muscle! i will lower my mileage a bit in april and lift 3x per week (the full body abs diet workout/circuit routine i've talked about before w/30 second rest periods).

it should be interesting to see how i feel at the end of this month. i better put together the specific plan tonight. i'm thinking 80 miles?

house crap

not a very interesting update: i'm in the process of getting choosing my lender. its kind of a pain but i think i have a winner. i've been getting 'good faith' estimtes from a lot of lenders and then making them all match the lowest offer, then finding a better offer, then the cycle continues. i'm getting sick of it but i think i have a decent loan package now.

today a loan officer said, and quote, "well, don't you think our bank is worth an extra $180?"

uhhhhhhh, NO.

what do i care which bank i get the loan from? thats basically the equivalent of 180 cups of coffee or bottles of gatorade, for something that is not any different from the other bank across the street.


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