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Friday, October 13, 2006

i lifted chest on tuesday night. even today (friday), i still felt like my chest was being ripped apart from the inside. i guess i'm pathetic! i stretched all week but it didn't really help, i'm still in a little pain. i even broke down and took a motrin this afternoon.

i'm excited to run again this weekend! i think a good long hour of running will be perfect. most of the recovery schedules of read suggest no running for 1 week after, and then very light running during week 2, with "back to normal" running by week 4. so i don't feel like i'm really that far off from the ideal post-race recovery standard.

in other news, my blister is essentially 100% healed.

i plan to squeeze in one circuit lifting routine this weekend in addition to running. ideally, i'm shooting for a run on both saturday and sunday.

that is all for now, sorry so boring. this weekend we plan to chill--we've been pretty busy lately and the rest of october is pretty busy with a wedding and some other stuff. this sunday marks one year from the first time we met. we can still hardly wait a whole week to see each other. heh.


  • You are so cute ... happy anniversary!

    Hope the first run back feels great.

    By Blogger Ali, at 4:28 PM  

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