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Saturday, October 07, 2006

double ear infection

i was not able to successfully fend of my cold that started a couple days before the marathon. it seemed to be getting a little better but then....i had to travel.

take-off, land, take-off, land, take-off, land (flight home was a connecting flight), yuck. on the descent of my first flight, my right ear never popped. i knew right away it had become infected.

the flight back home really sucked but i didnt have much choice. flying with an ear infection is basically a nightmare. as soon as i landed back home, i drove right over to urgent care.

they have me on amoxicillin (sp?), plus sudafed, plus nasal spray (which i haven't tried yet). also was instructed to take 800mg of ibuprofin on the first night.

i don't feel any better yet (it has been almsot 24 hours). i can barely hear out of my right ear. i am discouraged. hopefully i feel somewhat better tomorrow or i guess i will call up a dr.

i had planned to run and/or lift a little this weekend but i'm going to wait until i feel better. i haven't been running since the marathon. i did attempt to jog down the hall at work once this week in dress shoes to see how everything felt. my knee was a little sore the next day, heh. its not like it was after the 10k in april though; back then it hurt to walk, sit, and so forth.

the blister is coming along. i will take another picture of it soon. i never did pop it!

i read the new runner's world cover to cover on the flights. great issue. addresses post-marathon strategies, and also touches on pre-marathon strategies for those of you still out there in the hunt for chicago in a few weeks etc. i do envy you guys with upcoming marathons; you are right on the cusp of cashing in all of your training! i feel as though i spent my whole bankroll and now i'm starting to save up again, penny by penny until i have enough to go cash it all in again.


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