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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

tough run

i remember wednesday runs last year were some of the most difficult. this year too. tonights run was a tough one, but i think its mostly because i'm coming off of a 7 day break (stupid) last week.

i had the dreaded dead-legs. its like trying to move cement cylinders. every step takes so much effort, your legs just don't want to move. my quads were stiff from the 5-miler on tuesday.

oh well. i did 7 miles but it was tough! i completed the first 5 miles in 49:30 and then my pace slowed to 10:38 and 10:50 on mile 6, 7. i almost quit at 6 miles but i pulled out another one, barely. i could not think of anything except how much my legs sucked and how much effort it was taking to run only 6+ miles. i guess some days are just like that.

i'm exhausted and looking forward to a good nights sleep. later dudes. i need to pick up some gu for saturday's run. i'm thinking about taking in more gu than usual and seeing how that affects my run. more gu than usual = once every hour versus my usual 1.5 hours.....


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