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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

back to the weight loss basics

i ran 5 miles tonight around nokomis (2 laps), about 47 minutes. i felt good some of the time, and i felt like i was re-learning how to run for a lot of the time. it wasn't so bad though.

eating has been, well, not feeding the goal unfortunately. however i will turn that around.

# of days until the marathon: 39.
(or 38 days if you are reading this on wednesday!)

tomorrow will be 8 or 9 miles. another 5 on thursday. on saturday, the plan is to run 18. note to self : tweak ipod playlists asap.

i'm probably going to restart an official diet (weigh-ins, blah blah blah). its just easier that way. part of it is just a necessity in order to even have a shot at not completely collapsing during the marathon. if i can melt off 5 legit pounds, that WILL make a difference. at least in the way i feel, and my confidence level--2 very important things on race day.

i'm maybe up 2 or 3 pounds from last year, and some days i'm below, some days i'm flat y/y. but i've made no progress and during many weeks i stumble along, only to be saved by the running i do.
more later!


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