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Monday, August 21, 2006

vegas stories

not a whole lot to report dudes. although i must admit that i have become obsessed with craps post the vegas trip.

a lot of numbers + math + probabilities + combinations + lowest odds in favor of the house + people cheering and clapping with excitement as the dice clink agains the table = my kind of game!!

i left vegas a loser at craps though, primarily because i was just starting to pick up the game as we left, and also because i forgot to bring the sheet with the odds on it. i knew the basics though, eg best to place 6 and 8, and always take the free odds when you have the chance.

the sweaty palms come when you realize 15-17 other people have a butt-load of money on the table and they can (and will eventually) lose it all when you roll a 7. youch! stupid 7! its so fun though.

vegas stories! there is so much money in that town. even though we all know its a crazy place with tons of money, when you see it all in person it just seems so ridiculous. there is so much wealth in that town. and then contrast that with the non-wealthy handing out fliers just outside the casino on the walkway, its such a bizarre contrast indeed.

--we saw some guy get $15,000+ in chips counted out at a bellagio craps table. he tipped the dealer $100 and the shooter (one who rolls the dice) $100. i say again, 15 thousand dollars. holy smokes, its just so crazy.

--jewelry stores like candy stores, on every corner. most of the prices are tucked beneath the rings, etc. but the highest priced ring we noticed was $102,000 (cartier). holy smokes, its just so crazy. you have to look, because its so ridiculous. watches were $10k-$15k+

--there is NEVER any down-time in vegas. the hotels, the casinos, the check-in counter, the coffee shop, the pools, its all freakin' buzzing 24-hours a day. mobs of people all over the place all the time.

--the roulette wheels were surprisingly busy all the time. that was odd to me because it seems like the house has such an advantage.

--lots of people smoke in vegas. and drink. people walked around outside and in malls, and all over the casino (coffee shop, clothes shops, pools), with beer/wine/etc and smokes. weird.

--i sort of learned that the engagement ring is the big one with the diamond and the wedding one is a band around it? something like that. hehe. i did not know.

--we saw the O show (O is the french word for water). really good. go see it.
--we went on the rides atop the stratosphere; the big-shot was awesome. one of 'em made me kind of sick though.

--we went to bobby flay's restaurant at the ceasars palace. good.

--the venetian was probably my favorite. pretty amazing. also liked the mirage, bellagio, and paris.

--most disgusting thing witnessed was a woman who was walking around some shops with a parrot on her shoulder. neat for a while but then the bird pooped on her arm.....she then proceeded to wipe it off with her bare hand and just kept the poop in her hand. her arm was gooey. it was so gross, i threw up a little in my mouth.

--the worst value of the whole trip was the fitness center @ $25 per day per person at our hotel. i just could not pay it, it seemed so wrong.

--i leave you with the largest chocolate fountain in the world (so they say). it took 2 years to design it.


  • You learned about engagement rings in Vegas, hmmmmmm??? You didn't by chance go through Elvis' Drive Thru Chapel of Chimes and Love, did you?

    I've only been to Vegas once ... it's something to be experienced, because it's truly so unique. You captured it well!

    By Anonymous beverly, at 12:01 AM  

  • Vegas is so much fun! It's like this massive amusement park for adults. I love visiting there!

    By Blogger Rae, at 6:59 AM  

  • Hmmm...I thought the french word for water was EAU :P

    By Anonymous Trish, at 6:22 PM  

  • I love Vegas! Even though I really don't gamble much it's so much fun.

    My mom once had a boss who would take she and my dad out there several times a year. He always played tables by himself, putting down thousands at every seat at the table. He'd loose hundreds of thousands in a matter of days.

    It's not a big surprise that he eventually lost all his money and business to his gambling problem.

    By Blogger Jenniy, at 9:29 AM  

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