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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


saturday's long run was....well.....ok i guess. not to sound too much like a broken record but i still don't feel that great. one major difference is that i lifted a heck of a lot more last year. and i'm not eating quite as strictly. so what the heck am i doing??!!

this saturday i ran 15 miles in about 2:44. i looked back to last year and i finished in about 2:47, so pretty similar. i also looked back at my blog entry for re: lsat year's 15 miler and i said something to the effect that the first 10 miles "felt like nothing". let me reassure you that the first 10 miles of this long run definitely felt like something.

i had the gu shot at around 1:20 or so and then 2 clif shot bloks at 2:15 or 2:20. after the 14 miles 2 saturdays ago, i did not recover very well; i felt like crap for several hours afterwards. so this time i made sure to take a gu shot before it was too late. the bloks also seem to be a very nice addition this year as they aren't quite as gross as the gu (but do they work as well??).

i still had to take a long shower and about a 25 minute nap right afterwards, but thats all i needed to feel 100% again.

yesterday (monday) i took the legs out for a 2.1 mile run in 19:13 with the last mile in 8:58. my average hr was 156.

today i ran about 5.75 miles in 52 minutes! hauling. lets call it a mid-day run in which i had very strong motivations to get back within my lunch hour (showered too). whew. it felt good to be able to maintain that pace though. it felt more uncomfortable than the norm, but not out of breath at the end. i doubt i'll get another lunch hour run in this year, but sure felt good.

then i proceeded to get back to my desk and eat about 3 homemade coookies. actually more like 4 (which means 5). see what i mean? it's like my stomach and my legs just don't get along as well this year. thats just dumb. i am dumb.

hi, i signed up for a marathon, and during week 10 i ate cookies and stuff. sounds like a perfect training regimen, no?

and just as a reminder: if you are running TCM or something else on october 1, you only have 5 more weeks of build-up before taper. 4 weeks not counting this one! yowza.

thats all for now. i'm super tired. more news later!


  • Sounds like you are stull slugging along through the miles, hope they are fun!

    By Blogger Running from my House, at 8:57 AM  

  • 3 homemade coookies. actually more like 4 (which means 5) ... that is totally me. I come home, snack on crap, then think I didn't have dinner me so skinny.

    By Anonymous ali, at 6:31 PM  

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