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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

b. apple

i am back from the big apple. i'm so beat right now.

i stayed at the wald0rf. my bed was so comfortable, i fell asleep with my contacts in and tv turn on, the second night. when i woke up at 4am i realized i hadn't even moved positions. that bed was awesome. on the other hand i had a 12 oz can of diet coke from the minibar which set me back $6. woah. no wonder they don't have vending machines.
i was thinking about what i like most about a hotel room. they are in this order:

1. first thing i notice is if its stinky. a lot of hotel rooms smell funny. one time i broke down and went searched around town for some candles to buy (i think it was in FL or phoenix, i can't remember anymore). otherwise i usually just try to get used to it.
2. (tie) the bathroom must be spotless, and the pillows can't have a single piece of hair on them no matter how big. seriously i bet 30% of all hotel rooms have at least one pillow with a visible piece of hair on it. am i being too picky? i just find it so gross. also, a lot of bathrooms have hair on the floor or in the shower. and just to clarify, i'm talking about nice hotels here, not the motel-8 type of thing.
3. its nice if the bed is comfortable but thats not a requirement if #1 and #2 above are a-okay. hehe.

i think those are actually my only requirements.

the bonuses, which are not requirements but sure make it nice (and also make me want to come back):
a room that is located on a quiet spot within the hotel eg not right by the elevators, awesome location relative to whatever city i'm in, a nice view, a modern fitness center that is open 24 hours (the wald0rf charges $14 but i didn't get a chance to use it because its not even open 24 hours), brand new rooms or at least updated within 5 years, a nice desk to work at in the room, nice people working at the front desk, walls that aren't too thin.

there you have it! i probably sound really picky but the truth is i rarely complain. i usually check #1 and #2, and also make sure its not right by the elevators. i have learned that if you speak up about whatever, they usually find you a different room.

and on the running front, i feel like i've been runover by a truck because of the travel + the rest of this week will involve a lot of hours. let's see how i hold up. so far i haven't run 1 mile.


  • My friend travels a lot for work as well and I had the good fortune of staying in a Marriot room with her when we attended another friend's wedding. She totally spoke up (she's some elite rewards member) and totally got us hooked up with the good stuff. You're right, all you have to do is ask...welcome back!

    By Anonymous Audrey, at 10:57 AM  

  • One time I stayed at a Sheraton in Columbia SC, and there was POOP in the toilet. Poop.

    My first job as a teenager was housekeeper in a hotel, and I can say two things from experience:
    1. That is one of the suckiest jobs in the universe.
    2. But there's no excuse for hair on the pillow or poop in the toilet. They're supposed to actually clean the rooms between guests!

    By Blogger M@rla, at 3:46 PM  

  • I’m a "snacker" too, it’s terrible. And (no offense to jank) but I don't know how people can recommend eating fruit as a snack. Come on....if fruit tasted as good as a cookie or M&Ms I would certainly eat fruit, but it’s just not the same. :) How is your training going? House hunting?

    By Blogger april anne, at 5:04 PM  

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