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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

this has to be a quick post too because i waited too long tonight and now i'm super tired. i'll have to circle back w/everybody later in the week. i have to travel for a couple days now.
thus i ran 7.1 miles tonight= so i can take tomorrow off guilt-free. my knee seemed to bother me a bit more tonight which probably shouldnt be a surprise given my mileage last week. i'll be curious to see how it holds up tomorrow during the day. i ran strong over a couple of hills (transition area between calhoun and harriet) which was probably stupid.

my ave pace for the run was 10:26 (1 hour and 14 minutes total), ave HR was 155, max 169. i still feel like an out-of-shape piece of poop out there but i just have to keep running. i won't get back in shape by watching tv on my couch.

i did the harriet-calhoun loop. it was NUTS. so packed w/people.

at one point i heard some woman on blades chewing out these two dudes who were running in front of her on the biking/blading path. funny. the guys didn't say a thing (or move off the path) for a while and then finally one guy said to her, "you know what, i could care less". ha ha. she was annoying so i side with the runners in this case.

the big groups of walkers are the worst. everyone should be able to use these paths sure, but i saw one group of 5 walkers (walking 5-aside) and one group of 4. they take up the whole path like everyone else should move. some couples also hog the whole path and you have to knife through the middle of them to get by. stupid rude people.


  • I found your Blog from... GR's site I think... "Twice The Man". It's pretty cool.

    By Blogger Jake Silver, at 2:03 AM  

  • i can't stand walking with even one person because they seem to mess up my stride and timing and stuff. How they can walk with 5 is beyond me!
    Move it or lose it I say!

    By Blogger airlie, at 3:04 AM  

  • I hate people like that!! I've gotten where I start yelling at all pedestrians WAAAAY before I get to them and tell them which side I'm passing on. If they don't move over I always peg them with my elbow. I'm so evil!!!

    Great job with all the running and riding lately!

    By Blogger Rae, at 10:32 AM  

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