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Friday, June 09, 2006

i finished the mountain biking loop in just under 32 minutes tonight. i wore my HR monitor + chest strap this time. looks like i'm working my HR right in about the same range as running so thats awesome. it feels like more work than running at times though. either way, it sure is fun. have i mentioned its fun?

i just finished my carbo load. n00dles & co. house marinara with chicken added. i think it was too much food but it sure was good. i hope to run 8 or 9 miles tomorrow. there is a chance of rain and i haven't exactly planned on how i will handle that.

good luck on all the long runs (and short runs) this weekend. stay healthy out there. here's my biking workout from tonight (ignore the splits, i don't think i have all the settings correct yet). later dudes.


  • Cool - i come back and you have added biking to your workout. Very cool! I have to remember to juggle it up sometimes. You always tend to build on your routine - where mine tends to be stop start stop start. You are a very good influence Mr B!

    By Blogger airlie, at 4:35 AM  

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